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Instructors | Add closed captioning to VoiceThread videos

Instructors will learn how to add closed captioning to their VoiceThread videos within Canvas. This guide will assume that you are creating a new VoiceThread in your Canvas course. You can also add closed captioning to an existing VoiceThread within your Canvas course.

Instructors, please review this Content Facilitation HSU website for creating and requesting videos with captions. This PDF provides additional resources for creating and captioning your own videos.

Need help? These Canvas Guides provides additional information for creating an assignment and creating an assignment using an external tool.

2. Find your VoiceThread assignment within your course

Navigate to the Course Navigation menu and click the Assignments tab.

3. Select the VoiceThread assignment you wish to edit

Your VoiceThread assignment will have a unique title that you created. For the purposes of this tutorial, the VoiceThread assignment is titled "VoiceThread Assignment view."

4. Play the VoiceThread video

Click on the link for your VoiceThread video.

5. Add closed captioning file

  1. Click on the CC button at the top of the VoiceThread video.
  2. Then, click on Add captions . . .

6. Upload the caption file for the video

Upload the video captioning file for the VoiceThread video by clicking on the Upload captions button.  When finished, click OK.

Article Summary

You have successfully captions to your VoiceThread video. Click here for more information about closed captioning in VoiceThread.