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Grading and leaving feedback on Turnitin assignments

You will learn how to grade and leave feedback on students Turnitin assignments.

1. Go to the Turnitin assignment on your Canvas page.

If a student has submitted a paper, click on the pencil under Grade to grade their assignment. This will open up another window in Feedback Studio.

2. The Feedback studio allows you to grade, comment, and make marks on the paper.

Opening Feedback studio the first time should play a short, helpful tutorial.

  1. This is where you input a grade for the paper.
  2. Use the side arrows or the drop down menu to go to another students submission.
  3. Clicking on the paper will allow you to make Quickmarks, comments, or Inlines, all of which give feedback to the student in various ways.
  4. The similarity report will check the paper against any identical sources, ideal for combating plagiarism.

3. The similarity report details how the submitted paper compares to other sources.

Clicking on a source on the side will show where it compares in the essay, as well as a short comparison from the source.

To read more on the Similarity Report, head here: Viewing the Similarity Report.

4. When you are finished, you can exit out and your changes will save automatically.