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Creating a Turnitin assignment in Canvas

You will learn how to create a Turnitin assignment in Canvas and how to edit it.

By default, the Turnitin assignment will set the due date a week after the creation date. This can prevent students from submitting an assignment.  You must change the due date to a later date after you've created the assignment.

To read more, head here: Turnitin Quick Start Guide.

1. Create a new assignment

In Canvas, go to the Assignments tab and click the green + Assignment button.

Click the + assignment button

2. Configure the assignment Submission Type

Under submission type select external tool and click find
Select TurnItIn
  1. Under Submission Type, select External Tool from the drop down menu.
  2. Click on the Find button to pop up a list of tools.
  3. Scroll down and find Turnitin and select it.
  4. A URL for Turnitin will appear in the text box. Finish filling out the assignment and click Save at the bottom.

3. Congratulations, your Turnitin assignment is now created

You can edit the Turnitin settings by clicking the Settings button.

The Edit Assignment Settings will only edit the Canvas settings, not the settings at Turnitin.

Find more settings by clicking on the Optional Settings gear, and read a short description of each setting by hovering over the blue question marks.