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Adding and downloading a participant list to TurningPoint

You will learn how to add a participant list into TurningPoint.

1. Open up the TurningPoint App and log in

When you open the app for the first time you will be prompted to do so.

After you sign in, you will be brought to the TurningPoint front page.

2. Adding a new Canvas course to TurningPoint

Go to the Manage tab at the top, and select New from the Course drop down menu.

Select the Download from LMS option.

Choose Canvas from the Integration drop down menu and use as the Server Address.

You don't need to fill out the Username or Password.

3. Select the Canvas courses to import

Select the Courses you wish to import into TurningPoint and click Import.

4. Editing and updating a course once it is created

Your course and it's participants will now be available inside TurningPoint, allowing you to perform the Update, Edit Roster, or Upload Grades operations.

5. Downloading your Participant list for future use.

Go to the Course dropdown menu and click Export. You will be prompted to select a location to export the file to. Once selected, you will be required to create a password for the file.