Accessing the Accessible Technology Studio and it's Tools

You will learn about the essential tools needed to properly utilize the media studios.

For a list of available video creating resources, head here: Resources for Creating Videos for your Course.

LIB 047

Located in the Library basement, LIB 047 Accessible Technology Studio provides a quiet room to record, edit, and publish videos, as well as other types of media.  

To schedule the room for use, head here 25Live  and sign in.

Ask the front desk in the Library for help getting access to the studio.

Sign in to 25Live

In the Quick Search box, search for Lib 047  for room availability then select Go.

Quick Search window, search for Lib 047 in second search box.

Find an available date you wish to schedule, and click it to Create an event.

Fill out the form information and click Save to finish scheduling the room.

Image of room schedualing form.

Once you have the room scheduled, go to the Library Front Desk to get the key card to access the room downstairs.

Useful Resources in Lib 047

1. Camtasia

Camtasia is an easy to use video editor available to all staff and faculty.

For help downloading Camtasia, head here: What is Camtasia and how do I download it?

For help recording a video in Camtasia, head here: How do I record a video in Camtasia?

For help editing video and audio in Camtasia, head here: How do I edit video and audio in Camtasia?

For help adding effects in Camtasia, head here: How do I apply effects in Camtasia?

2. Webcam

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920: This webcam sits on top the monitor and records video and audio. 

3. Microphones


1. Yeti Stereo Microphone - The silver Microphone, will provide the clearest sounding audio. You can adjust the volume with the dial on top and also mute the Mic by pressing the mute button.

2. HD Pro Webcam C920 - The Microphone in the webcam will be used to record audio, not the best sounding but gets the job done.

3. Logitech USB Headset - The Microphone attached to the headset. Has good audio, but may pick up unwanted noises.

For help setting up the webcam and microphones, head here: How do I check if my microphone/webcam is working?

4. GreenScreen backdrop

The Lib 047 Studio room has a green screen that is setup and available for recording videos with.  The green screen allows you to remove the background from your camera recording, giving a clean face cam that can be incorporated into your videos. 

For help with the green screen, head here: How do I use a Green Screen with Camtasia?

5. Studio Lighting

Two tripod studio lights are provided inside the room, allowing improved lighting on your recordings. Their On/Off switch is found a short ways down their wire. You may move these lights around for the best angle, but use caution when moving. For best results, turn the overhead lights off while using both tripod lights on either side.

6. YouTube

YouTube is a popular video hosting site, available on just about every device.

For help uploading a video to YouTube, head here: How do I upload a video to YouTube?

7. Other

Lib 047 also has several usable Canvas USB flash drives for use if you need to save your project onto one.