Academic Technology SupportInstructor Guides - Canvas CoursesHow do I manage a course associated with a blueprint course as an instructor?

How do I manage a course associated with a blueprint course as an instructor?

How do I manage a course associated with a blueprint course as an instructor?

If your content index pages include Blueprint icons, your course is associated with a blueprint course. Blueprint Courses are courses managed as a template and may contain locked objects managed by a Canvas admin, course designer, or other instructor.

Unlocked Objects

You can manage any objects that are unlocked in your course. If you modify any unlocked content, unlocked content is not overwritten with any synced changes from the blueprint course. Additionally, any new content you create in your course does not include a blueprint icon and cannot be associated with the blueprint course.

Locked Objects

You cannot manage any objects that are locked in your course. Locked objects enforce the attributes defined by your Canvas admin, which can include content, point values, due dates, and availability dates. You can view locked attributes by viewing an individual locked object.

Locked objects may be set generally for the entire course (such as locking all course content) or specifically by type (such as locking content only in assignments). Object definitions and attributes for locked objects may be changed in the blueprint at any time. However, any change to an attribute retroactively applies to all locked objects in your course. If an attribute is changed in the blueprint course, any locked content attributes in your course that vary from locked content attributes in the blueprint course will trigger unsynced changes in the blueprint course and override your course content.

Course Settings, including Course Navigation, can also be part of a blueprint course sync.

This lesson shows how to view objects from the Assignments page. Locked and unlocked objects also display in the Files, Modules, Pages, and Quizzes pages.


  • To be notified of synced updates from a blueprint course, enable the Blueprint sync notification in User Settings.
  • The Course Details tab in Course Settings will tell you if your course is a blueprint course. If your course is a blueprint course, you can lock and sync course content to associated courses.