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How do I use a Green Screen with Camtasia?

You will learn how to use the Green Screen to remove backgrounds while recording in Camtasia.

1. Record your video with the GreenScreen as the background.

Make sure it fills up the whole background  while recording.

2. After your video is recorded, it will be placed onto your Timeline as the recorded Camera and Screen.

3. Add the Visual Effect "Remove a Color" to your GreenScreen video.

4. Under the properties on the right side, select the color drop down menu and use the eyedropper tool to select the green color.

With the Eyedropper tool selected, click on the the green part of your Greenscreen to select that color for removal.

5. Adjust the Tolerance and Softness to get a clean color removal.

6. Adjust and move your now greenless recording to a desired size and position.