How do I check if my microphone/webcam is working?

You will learn how to set up your microphone and webcam to begin recording.

Make sure the Microphone and the Webcam are properly plugged in if they don't appear to be working correctly. 

This guide was made specifically for LIB 047 Accessible Technology Studio, but should generally work the same way for other computers.


1. Right-click on the speaker icon in the bottom right and click on Recording devices.

2. Check if the Microphone you are using is working properly.

There are three options for Microphones in the Accessible Technology Studio.

1. Yeti Stereo Microphone - The silver Microphone, will provide the clearest sounding audio. You can also mute the Mic by pressing the mute button found on top.

2. HD Pro Webcam C920 - The Microphone in the webcam will be used to record audio, not the best sounding but gets the job done.

3. Logitech USB Headset - The Microphone attached to the headset. Has good audio, but may pick up unwanted noises.

The Microphone that you are using will have a green check next to it, and show audio levels moving on the right.

3. To change to another Microphone, go to it's properties, change the Device usage to Enable, and click OK.


On the desktop, find the Logitech Webcam Software icon and open it up.

To check if your webcam is able to record a video or take some pictures, click Quick Capture.

Your webcam should show it's current video. While you can record videos through this software, it's recommended you use Camtasia for recording.

While in Camtasia

For help recording while in Camtasia, head here: How do I record a video in Camtasia?

1. After clicking record, a small window will pop up. To turn the Webcam on, click the Camera button. If a green check is there, your camera is working.

2. To select a Microphone, click the Audio drop down menu and select the Mic you want to use (The Yeti Stereo Microphone is reccommended).