How do I schedule a Zoom Meeting?

You will learn how to schedule a Zoom Meeting.  

For more information about scheduling Zoom meetings from the desktop or mobile app click here.  

Zoom offers multiple options to schedule a meeting.

  • Schedule from the Zoom App (desktop or mobile)
  • Schedule from the Zoom Web Portal - guidelines below
  • Schedule from plugin (Chrome,Outlook,Firefox)

Sign in at Zoom HSU

1. Go to

Type in your web browser address bar and hit Enter.

Have you created a ZOOM Account with HSU?  Please click here for help creating an account.

2. Log into HSU Zoom

Click the Login button

3. Sign into the Portal
  1. Type your HSU username.
  2. Type your password.
  3. Click the Log In button.

Schedule a Meeting

Click on the Schedule a Meeting button

For more information about settings for Scheduled Meetings watch this short video from Zoom.